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I'm Paola, a Goldsmith and jewelry designer.

My journey as a goldsmith began at Kinneret College in the Jordan Valley, but much of my learning took place independently at my worktable, supplemented by private lessons and professional courses.

I spent around three months in Jaipur, India, where I had the unique experience of working in a jewelry factory.

During my stay, I polished gemstones, delved deep into Jaipur's world of jewelry and stones, and there, I created my first collection inspired by leaves and flowers.

My studio has seen various transformations over the years.

One of its most exciting phases was when it was housed inside an old public bus.

In search of a unique space to craft my jewelry, and due to space constraints in my apartment,

I came up with the innovative idea of converting a bus into my studio.

That's exactly what I did.

I refurbished an old public bus and turned it into a dream studio.

You can watch the entire transformation process in videos in this page.

After about six years, I relocated to the Hula Valley.

Now, I'm based in a spacious and enchanting studio in Kibbutz Lehavot HaBashan,

which I renovated with a touch of love and help from dear friends.

In my studio, not only do I my art and design but I also teach and conduct one-off workshops.

Each piece I craft is infused with deep love and meticulous attention to detail.

I work with quality materials: pure gold, various gold carats, silver, gold-plated items, and incorporate unique and special gemstones in my designs. Often, I polish the gemstones myself.

My creativity knows no bounds, leading to a diverse range of jewelry styles.

I firmly believe that every piece should resonate with the personal taste of each person,

for we are all beautiful and unique in our own ways.

My workshops are varied, catering to ages 5 and above.

They can be conducted both in my studio and off-site.

I can even come to your place, bringing along all the necessary equipment and materials for the workshop.

These sessions are perfect for groups or individuals looking to have a unique and exhilarating experience, culminating in a beautiful piece that serves as a constant reminder of the love within you.

Welcome! Step inside my studio.

See what's created in my workshops!