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The process of creating a ring with an Eilat stone that has been specially polished for the client

The ring is made out of sterling silver.

I was thinking that such work should be seen throughout the process and not just as a final result.

Because the process is part of the result, and vice versa.

And if we decide to embark on the road that’s in front of us,

We can go for huge distances and achieve amazing results!

This gemstone started its journey at my workshop as a smooth and beautiful slice.

When Racheli, the client, came here to choose a gemstone for her ring, she immediately fell in love with this gemstone.

It has a special evergreen color, depths and shapes that make the stone unique in its beauty.

I suggested making a cabochon out of this slice and embedding it in the ring (Cabochon is a form of cutting and polishing gems).

We chose the size of the stone together, designed the ring and I started to work on it.

The stone is first shaped into a square, the size closest to the desired final size.

from there we start polishing the gem. We polish around it until we are satisfied with the shape, then polish its top to a dome shape and finally brush it to make it smooth and shiny.

After the stone was ready I started making the ring, creating a bezel (or a socket) that would fit the stone. I added some cute little baubles to it, and soldered the ring hoop under the bezel.

After that the ring needs to be thoroughly cleaned, sanded and polished.

The inlay of the stone is one of the most enjoyable parts for me. The moulding of the metal onto the stone always feels to me like sculpting and connecting two worlds into one that is unique and special.

The ring is ready!

The stone is polished, inlaid on the ring I designed for Racheli. I can’t wait to show it to her!

I left a small frame around the stone as part of the design, and after talking to Racheli and showing her the result, we decided that if I remove the frame then it would make the ring more suitable for Racheli’s taste.

So in the photos you will be able to see the ring with the frame and without the frame.

I enjoyed every mote of silver dust scattered in the air while working, every little noise of sawing and filing of the metal.

I especially enjoyed Racheli's reaction when she came to collect her new piece of jewelry.

Traditional arts, which are increasingly rare in the modern world,

need to be cherished because they are a connection to our ancestors.

I'm grateful for the privilege of my art.

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