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The moon shines in full light

Last Friday there was a lunar eclipse,

Whenever there is an eclipse I look at the moon to observe it and get an impression from it.

This time I did not have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of it, as it was a cloudy and rainy night,

But I take comfort in having this very special stone in my workshop.


Since ancient times, the moonstone has been the tangible link to the moon’s magic - the stone has served as a protective amulet for travelers, a gift for lovers as a symbol of passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom.

Our connection to the moon is strong.

As it recedes and weakens in its cyclical wholeness it produces the tides of Mother Earth and influences our behaviors, emotions, and spiritual growth.

Moonstone calms, encourages and teaches us the natural rhythms of life

It is a wonderful stone and magnetizing in its beauty

Its energy is soft, delicate and harmonious. It symbolizes femininity, birth and calmness, strengthens romance and intimacy.

In the photos: a golden ring with a raw Rainbow Moonstone. Go to the store to see more.

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